There’s a new name in the animal health industry – Agri FARMACY SA

Introducing Agri FARMACY SA, and introducing a new age in convenience, quality and support for the farming community as a whole. Newly launched and eagerly anticipated, Agri FARMACY SA is more than a company – it’s a fully integrated solution providing operational, financial, administrative and marketing assistance to a range of agricultural organisations, while offering a wide variety of animal health products, professional veterinary services, animal diagnostic support, and expert nutritional advice as well. One company, countless services, and immeasurable value – welcome to Agri FARMACY SA.

Our services

 At Agri FARMACY SA, it’s our mission to help simplify and streamline processes for those within the farming community. To this end, we offer the following services:

  • Financial management: Compiling and tracking of budgets, cash flow planning, monthly reports and reconciliations, payroll management, tax management and more.
  • Operational management: Invoicing, customer account management, debt collection, stock control, invoice and payment control, infrastructure supply and more.
  • Strategic marketing: Website development and maintenance, branding, advertising, social media awareness, newsletter, conferencing and event management, and more.

Our partners

Through our years of experience in the industry, we’re proud to have solidified partnerships with some of the most well-known and respected names in animal health, including:

  • Mooivet Animal Health Products: A one-stop solution for broad herd health, Mooivet offers a wide selection of top-quality animal health products at competitive prices, with a trusted reputation dating back to 1985.
  • Lavendula Animal Feeds & Nutrition: Since 1997, Lavendula has been offering customised nutritional solutions to optimise livestock performance, while helping to increase farm efficiency, impact and performance.
  • Agri FARMACY Professional Services Inc.: Providing an extensive range of professional services for all our clients, including veterinary consultations and diagnostic support in conjunction with Lumegen Laboratories as well as nutritional advice with the support of GMP, a laboratory assisting with animal feed quality testing.

Our goals

As an all-inclusive services provider for the farming community and the wider agricultural industry, Agri FARMACY SA is dedicated to offering world-class infrastructure, products and services to veterinarians, farms and other agricultural businesses, while providing ongoing expertise, maintenance and support.

“We’re excited about the opportunities Agri FARMACY SA presents,” says owner Dr. Pieter Grimbeek. “To be able to bring together a range of much-needed agricultural services and support and offer it under the banner of a single company – it’s something the industry has needed for a while.”

“This is more than a launch – it’s a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses in the agricultural sector to find all the products, services and support they need from a single place. It’s more convenience, more simplicity, and less stress – all of which are greatly needed right now.”

The future looks bright for Agri FARMACY SA, and it’s a future that could include you as well. For more information, simply call +27 18 297 8155 or email, and find out just how beneficial a partnership with Agri FARMACY SA could be.

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