Lavendula Animal Feeds & Nutrition provides customized nutritional solutions to best balance and optimize livestock production performance, cost and returns.

With the idea of increasing on farm impact and performance, whilst providing ground-breaking service delivery to the animal health market, Dr. Pieter Grimbeek took the pioneering step to establish Lavendula CC in 1997.

Our qualified animal scientist and nutritional consultant offers on farm scientific, yet practical expertise and advice, and strives to enhance efficiency on farm.

Partnering with industry leaders in premix manufacturing, speciality supply and distribution of animal feed concentrates;  Lavendula offer nutritional solution for production challenges and -goals.

Lavendula renders its services throughout Southern Africa with its headquarters based in Potchefstroom (situated in the North West province of South Africa).

Lavendula Products

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  Customized diets formulations:

A customized diet is formulated to accommodate the client’s unique production systems and the available raw materials to enable the animals to unlock their genetic potential.

 The Lavendula Nutritional team is able to formulate custom diets for a specific farm, based on the following:

  • Raw materials availability, cost and quality
  • Specific needs of the different species, breeds and production levels of the animals
  • The environmental and housing aspects are also taken into consideration
  • Not just looking at cost formulations but formulating cost efficient diets, which ensures that the animals produce as close to their genetic potential as possible and efficiently.
  • Efficiency on the farm is a closely intertwined circle between nutrition, management, genetics and health.
  • When the right balance of the above is achieved, the system runs as a “well oiled machine”.

  Raw Materials:

  Formulated vitamins & Trace mineral premixes:

Beef Cattle

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Our Team


Dr. Pieter Grimbeek

Owner & General Manager

David Qvist

Business Manager


Tel.: +27 (18) 297-8155


Deon Kleynhans

Finance & Administration


Tel.: +27 72 117 6367


Frida Grimbeek



Tel.: +27 (18) 297-8155

Professional Services

Our experienced and qualified animal scientist and nutritional consultant apply their knowledge to formulate on farm nutritional solutions.  

The Lavendula team will co-ordinate and assist with all feed quality testing and diagnostic requirements.


Frederico Bechaz

(Pr.Sci.Nat 400180/10)

Fred Bechaz obtained his MSc. Animal Science (Agric) in 2001 from the University of Pretoria. Fred joined our team in 2001 and consults primarily to the swine industry. He has a sound knowledge and understanding of vitamin and mineral premixes, animal nutrition and management aspects on swine farms.

He works very closely with the consulting veterinarians on the specific farms to ensure that optimal results are achieved. Fred currently consults to many commercial swine farms with different genetics, including DanBred and PIC genetics.

Tel.: +27 (82) 821 5991


(Pr.Sci.Nat 400282/15)
Annelie van Deventer (Pr.Sci.Nat 400282/15) obtained her BSc Animal Science (Agric) in 2010 from the University of Pretoria. Before joining the Lavendula CC team in July 2015 as a junior ruminant’s nutritionist and currently as a Feedtek account manager, Annelie gained tremendous experience in her field of expertise by alternative animal health companies. Managing the Feedtek business unit for Lavendula CC, Annelie also provides technical support for Distributors / Sub-Agents in part of the North West province and the East Free State Area, as well as formulations of ruminant diets and laboratory report letters with recommendations.

Tel.: +27 (71) 641 7871

Simon Kemp

Animal Scientist (M. Agric) Simon Kemp is a director of FarmVision. He has graduated from the University of the Free State with a MSA Agric (Master of sustainable Agriculture) degree.  He specialises in Pasture science and Animal science.  Simon is involved at a number of dairy farmers where he does fodder flow planning, production planning and advice, animal nutrition and economic evaluation of dairy enterprises.  He is as nutritionist involved at sheep and beef feedlots.  He also specialises in determination of carrying capacity, farm planning and management of veld and pastures.  He was also involved in the planning of a number of agricultural projects in the dairy industry in Southern Africa.

Tel.: +27 (82) 490 1754

Tihanja Coetzee

Tel.: (+27) 82 680 7930

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