The benefits of a dietary crude fibre concentrate (CDC) in a feed ration in a piggery

Two of the main challenges pig farmers face daily is maintaining the health of their animals, while simultaneously securing high performance in a sustainable and consistent fashion.   Often addressing one of these challenges may cause secondary challenges on the other side of the spectrum.


But there is a solution to take care of both:  Improving gut health with the addition of dietary crude fibre concentrate (CDC).


A pig’s gut health plays a pivotal role in their health and performance – not only because it digests everything the pig ingests, but also because it is an unmissable immunological organ.


Arbocel®RC Fine is HPC-fibrillated crude fibre concentrate produced from de-barked spruce trees, which is dried under controlled conditions.


The result is a product that complements the use of wheaten bran and other fibre sources, and has various scientifically proven advantages, namely:

  • Fast, long-lasting satiation and improved body condition, that have a calming effect on sows
  • Increased reproductive performance and more viable piglets
  • Improved nutrient digestibility due to better gut health
  • Ideal faeces consistency and higher water intake, which leads to less constipation, faster farrowing and higher milk production
  • No mycotoxin risk or heat stress

The effectiveness of Arbocel®RC Fine has been proven in practice.  In August 2018, ADDCON Africa Feed & Grain Additives (Pty) Ltd, offered Dr. Pieter Grimbeek (owner of Lavendula) one ton of the product for trial purposes on his piggery in the Free State Province – Harmony Piggeries.


Lavenulda Swine Nutritionist – Fred Bechaz – evaluated the benefits of Arbocel®RC Fine.

After five (5) months of extensive evaluation, management at Harmony Piggeries made the decision to include Arbocel®RC Fine permanently into various diets at various levels.  Since then, Fred includes the product in his customised diets for numerous other piggeries with similar success.


For further information about the product contact:


Landline:             018 297 8155


Arbocel®RC Fine is a trademark of J. Rettenmaier & Sons of Germany and is imported and distributed in Southern Africa by ADDCON Africa Feed & Grain Additives (Pty) Ltd.

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